Building a legacy over 65 years in the making.

Explore the story of O’Hanlon Paving, a proud member of the Fath Group of Companies, and the innovators who started it all.

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Art O’Hanlon establishes O’Hanlon Paving Ltd.

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Ron Fath becomes a full partner in O’Hanlon Paving. Nearly 10 years later in 1968 and 1975, his sons Tom and Dave Fath join the company.

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O’Hanlon Paving opens the doors to the company’s first asphalt plant.

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After becoming a full partner in 1985, Tom Fath is appointed as President of O’Hanlon Paving.

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The Fath Group of Companies and Fath Industries are established, with Fath Industries opening a new milling line of business serving all of Western Canada. Later that year, The Fath family takes full ownership of O’Hanlon Paving and Fath Industries.

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O’Hanlon Paving becomes the first company in Western Canada to expand into foamed asphalt base.

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Fath Industries launches a new concrete division and O’Hanlon Paving completes the company’s first neighborhood renewal project in Meadowlark, Edmonton.

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O’Hanlon Paving opens a new asphalt plant in Fath Acheson Business Park.

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The Fath Group of Companies moves into a new head office in West Edmonton.

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O’Hanlon Paving celebrates 60 years in business and Tom Fath is awarded the Claude Alston Award by the Edmonton Construction Association in recognition of his outstanding service and contributions to the industry.

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O’Hanlon Paving and Fath Industries opens a new 25,200 sq. ft. maintenance shop in Fath Acheson Business Park.