William Hawrelak Park Rehabilitation

The William Hawrelak Park revitalization project aimed to breathe new life into a beloved landmark in Edmonton, Alberta. Through removal and replacement of curbs and road surfacing throughout the entire park, O’Hanlon Paving supported efforts to enhance the park’s infrastructure and restore its iconic status.
Key Achievements

47,500 m2

47,500 square metres of worn out asphalt was meticulously removed providing a clean canvas for the park's rejuvenation.

10,200 lineal metres

10,200 lineal metres of deteriorated or damaged curbs replaced for safer pathways and defined boundaries throughout the park.

47,500 m2

47,500 square metres of new asphalt providing a smooth and durable driving and walking experience for park visitors.

15,000 lineal metres

15,000 lineal metres of new concrete curbs contributing to the park's overall aesthetics, safety and delineation.

Construction of various crossings, asphalt paths, ramps and pads, ensuring accessibility, connectivity and seamless navigation throughout the park.


William Hawrelak Park Rehabilitation

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