YEG-2 Amazon Warehouse

Construction of Amazon’s new state-of-the-art facility in Acheson, Alberta required O’Hanlon Paving to perform heavy-duty asphalt paving, cement stabilization, installation of concrete curbs, walks, aprons, loading docks and concrete paving. Innovative techniques and collaboration transformed the site into a cutting-edge distribution hub.

Key Achievements

40,200 m2

40,200 square metres of heavy-duty paving, 11,650 square meters of medium-duty paving and 40,250 square meters of light-duty paving.

95,000 m2

95,000 square metres of cement stabilized subgrade providing a solid foundation for the overall infrastructure.

6,000 lineal metres

6,000 lineal metres of barrier curb, 24,000 square metres of concrete slab and 9,000 square metres of separate walkways.

Numerous crossings, ramps and specialized concrete pads facilitating smooth transitions, accommodating loading and unloading operations and enhancing accessibility throughout the facility.


William Hawrelak Park Rehabilitation

YEG-2 Amazon Warehouse

Edmonton Long-Term Neighbourhood Rehab Program